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Recommended places in Batumi

 If you want to see all of Batumi at a glance from a bird's eye view, there is no better way to do it than with a fun ride on the Argo cable car, which departs from the port of Batumi and climbs about 2.5 km to the top of Mount Anuria near the city, about -250 meters above sea level. During the cable car ride you can enjoy a view from above on the green landscapes of the city 
At the end of the trip you will reach the "Argo Entertainment Center", a new commercial center built on the side of the mountain, where you can enjoy an abundance of restaurants, cafes and shops all concentrated under one roof
Open every day of the week until 01.00 at night. Closed only in extreme weather
Entrance - adults about 15 GEL, children up to 12 years old - 5 GEL, up to 3 years old - free

Dolphinarium  - You can combine swimming with dolphins Address: Working hours every day except Monday  From Time 11:00 to 18:00 Price: Adult - 15 Lari  child up to 6 years  free of charge (if seated with the parent) - for day shows_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5 cf58d_20 Larry - for evening shows. Can be booked Tickets from the box office a week in advance (it is not possible to order tickets online) at the dolphinarium you can book swimming with dolphins: adult price - children's price - duration of the swim

Cruise on a ship
This is a cruise that departs near Batumi port to the open sea, every day of the week from morning to evening.
The duration of the cruise is about 40 minutes.
Price per person - about 10 GEL. 
Price for a child up to the age of 10 - free.
In addition, you can rent a ship/yacht at a cost of between 50 and 150 GEL for an hour.  

You walked in Tommy
A beautiful strip of beach that stretches for 6 kilometers and has a variety of attractions for connoisseurs of taste and fashion and in general for the whole family: cafes, restaurants, shops.
On the boardwalk you can rent bicycles (4 people), segways, tuktuks, a movie theater  etc.
Ali and Nino's love​

Rarely does the story of the incarnation of a book rival the book itself. The Love of Ali and Nino , which depicts the love story of a Muslim warrior and a Christian princess against the backdrop of the intricate landscapes of the harsh Caucasus, is one One of these rare times.the bookIt was first published in Austria in 1937, on the eve of World War II, under the name of Qurban Said . In the list of writers whose books were published in the Third Reich, Korban Said is listed under the pen name of an Austrian noblewoman, Elfriede Ehrenfels, Baroness of Bodmershof. The book was lost, found (in a European flea market) in the seventies, translated into English and became a dizzying success story.

The sculptor - Tamar Kvastidze

Piazza Batumi

When you arrive at Piazza Batumi, at Vakhtang Gorgasali Street 22, in the heart of the old part of the city, your gaze will be drawn to the impressive clock tower, which chimes every half hour. It used to be a Russian school, which was destroyed to the ground about two years ago and an impressive square was rebuilt on its territory, which blends naturally into the landscape of the neighborhood, the landscape of the houses built during the 19th century. In the center of the square is embedded a magnificent mosaic by an Italian artist and on the side is the concert hall of Batumi. Opposite the hall is an impressive Russian cathedral that was recently renovated.

Strolling through the area is a wonderful way to get a sense of the city, which combines the old with the new and is careful to preserve its unique color, even in recently built or renovated buildings. Besides the cafes in the piazza, there are various shops in the nearby streets.

Batumi Synagogue (inGeorgian: Batumi Synagogue) is Synagogue in my heartAjariaGeorgia. It was built by Simon Volkovich in1904[1].

B-1898 Resolvedczar eRussianNicholas II, at the request of theThe Jewish community in Batumi to build a synagogue, and it was inaugurated in1904. B-1929 The synagogue was closed by the Soviet regime of Soviet Union, and the building was used for competitions sport. However, in 1993, after the fall of thecommunism, the Jews who remained in the city were allowed to return to restore the building to its original use. B-1998 The synagogue was extensively renovated, it was painted white and fixed Star of David  Impressive in its dimensions in the front window. B-2011 The synagogue was declared asheritage site national[2].

"Alphabet" Tower  

meters high, showing Batumi's 532 alphabet tower,   the letters of the alphabet are made of 33 this symbol in the image of   meter high, hanging together 4 aluminum each along the length of the tower Yesha how the language and writing are part inseparable from the heritage of the Georgian people. On the top floor   a restaurant overlooking the city (recommended).

the Botanic Garden

If you are a lover of nature and greenery, who aspire to get out of the busy city a little, get to know an endless variety of flowers and plants from all over the world and witness amazing seascapes, the Botanic Garden of Batumi is the recommended attraction for you.

The garden is wide - square kilometers, founded on this 5.5-hand, whose total area is

Considered one of the largest and most diverse in the world 5955 in terms of the vegetation that grows there. 09:00 The botanical garden works all week between the hours -17:30  . 14:00 It is recommended to arrive in the morning or after an hour   Larry 10 Price: adult  . Free - 10 children: up to the age of   to start at the botanical garden (you must book - around 53:22   an experience for the whole family. - Taxi from the hotel reception) can be arranged with a driver taxi finish time at the botanical garden and ask him   to Tsitsinatla Park (open from now on - go to the town of Kobolti   there you will enjoy just as much (the place is like Superland). - _cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ )57:22 an hour from there to return tired but satisfied to the hotel. (It is possible to rent a driver for a whole day.) Payment for each facility separately. Prices range from  .  Larry 8 - Larry L 1


11 active casinos operate in Batumi and 12 more casinos will be activated soon.

The casino is located in almost all the hotels in Batumi except the Oparia Hotel. 

*Sheraton - entrance $100

*Radisson Blue - entrance 50 lari

Wyndham - Free entry

*Cards are used for games.

The astronomical clock

Equipped with a special mechanism and placed on an excellent architectural structure. Besides showing normal time, it also provides information related to astronomy; That is, it shows the position of the sun, the moon, the stars and even the planets. It also shows the meridian, horizon, sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon and its movement around the earth. The moon plays a vital role in the earth's cycle. Therefore, the information gathered from the astronomical clock is not only interesting but also useful

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