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Who we are

Introduction/ Background

LTDG- TRAVEL  was established by Lasha and Tami Gugunaba in January 2018.

We are engaged in planning personal and organized trips in the city of Batumi and in various areas around it.

We also specialize in tailoring trips for the independent traveler, in accordance with the wishes and dreams of each client.

Our clientele is made up of people who like to receive a well-made product and know how to demand good service.

The city of "Batomei" is in its infancy in terms of tourism demand and most of our customers are couples and individuals, closed groups and families and they all challenge us every time anew in tailoring an exact trip according to requests, requirements and needs precisely, and that's what we are here for! Give and give 100% while providing personal care to each and every one of you.
the people

Lasha and Tami Gogunaba - a married couple:

To the woman: 

Born in Georgia, born in 1972 - holds a master's degree in film production  , film and theater actor on behalf of "Shota Rustaveli" University in Tbilisi.

A total of 17 years of study - of which 11 in elementary school and 6 years   at university

Immigrated to Israel in 1996, at the age of 24, married to Tami and father to David and Guy.

Speaks languages: Georgian - mother tongue, Hebrew - at a very high level, Russian - at a very high level,

and English - at a high level.

In the past, a principal dancer   in a Georgian government folk dance troupe, which as part of its performances traveled

Around the world and give Georgia   in particular from end to end and from there (in addition), the excellent introduction of   the country.

Tami: Administrative manager.

Born in Georgia, born in 1974.

In 1991, at the age of 17, she immigrated to Israel.

Regular military service and then, in 1998, she joined the prison service   and served in a variety of leading positions for 23 years.

She speaks languages: Georgian - mother tongue, Hebrew - at a very high level, Russian - at a very high level and English - at a high level.

As someone who was born and raised in Georgia, knows and knows the Georgian culture, the places, the language and controls every field related to Georgia in general and the city of "Batumi" in particular.

Our story:

Lasha and Tami were both born in Georgia - in Tumi

As someone who was born and raised in the city of Batumi and knows its wild surroundings with breathtaking views, and in light of the demand in the tourism industry in the city of Batumi itself and the ever-increasing demand to travel there, the idea arose to institutionalize the matter and establish a geographic travel company that would champion Lasha's vast knowledge and her wonderful ability to convey the knowledge to travelers in an interesting and relevant manner and Tami's vast experience in producing and planning the destinations for the tour starting from the initial conversation where she understands the client's needs while adjusting the right route for the client until its implementation, all with close escort, at any time   and at any hour.

In light of all this, we decided to take up the gauntlet, slowly but thoroughly and in January 2018, "LTDG TRAVEL" was founded and launched into the world.

Interpretation  LTDG –to carry,Tammy,Uncle and Guy ( Family)

why U.S?

The first rule that guides us and in which we believe in the success of the trip is that we always build the trip so that we want to participate in it as travelers ourselves.

Together with the client - we will choose a destination, outline a route, plan and build a logical schedule and only then will we let the sand and stone, the water and the wind, the road and the story do the rest.

why U.S? Because we decided to do everything as best as possible.

To organize each trip carefully, starting from the construction of the route and its adaptation to the specific client to its operation at the highest levels that can be reached in each destination.

We advocate getting to know the customer personally in order to give and provide the maximum and best care while knowing the details from the big to the last small details - this is the product of quality trips!

And the most important detail for why us?

Both of us, Tami and Asha, born in Georgia, grew up and were educated in this country, know the language (mother tongue), the culture and mentality in it.

They know the areas and know how to recommend and plan the trip for the customer down to the last detail and with the highest quality.

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